Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another Error!

I know I'm the official web 2.0 stress-tester, but c'mon. Second (third, actually) blogger error in 10 minutes.

Another blogger error

Good thing I thought to hit apple-R to resend the form, or I would have lost my previous post (yes, I checked in another tab to make sure it hadn't posted and the error was about something else).

Sub-Optimal Comment Management

Thanks to Romain for the title...

I have a bunch of comment spam on this blog. To clean it up, I must go and delete each comment individually, it seems, and wait a longish moment for the confirmation window to appear, give confirmation, wait for the confirmation window to load and then click back on the link to the blog post. And deal with the next comment.

And to make things worse, comment moderation is either "on" or "off" -- no smart middle-ground.

Forget it. This, at least, is something that deals with much better.

Template Editor

I like the template editor. It's pretty cool. However, it bugs me a lot that the "Edit Layout" page doesn't refresh when I add new elements. I added link list, and as I couldn't see it on my template editor page I thought it had failed. So I added it again. It still didn't appear. I refreshed, and there it was twice!

New Blogger?

Just trying to see what the new Blogger looks like.

Labels? Why can't they call them "categories" or "tags"? Oooh... GMail labels. I get it.